Redmi All Firmware

Redmi All Firmware Stock Rom Flash file Eng Firmware
Model  Model  Model 
Mi 10 Pro cmi Mi Max Prime heliumMi 5X tiffany
Mi 10 Lite monetMi Max 2 chironMi 8 SE sirius
Mi 5S capricornXiaomi Y1 LiteRedmi 6 Pro Sakura
Mi 5S Plus natriumXiaomi 4 Prime markwRedmi Note 7 lavender
Mi 4i ferrariRedmi 4 pradaRedmi Note 7S lavender
Mi 4C libraRedmi 4A rolexXiaomi Note 7 Pro violet
Mi 1S Redmi Note PrimeXiaomi Note 5 vince
Xiaomi Mi 1Mi Note Pro leoXiaomi XM-D2T
Xiaomi HM Note 1wPoco F1 berylliumRedmi Note 5A Prime ugg
Mi A1 tissotRedmi 2 PrimeRedmi 5A riva
Mi 8 Pro equuleusRedmi 2 WT88047Redmi Note 5A ugglite
Mi 8 Lite platinaRedmi 3S landRedmi Y1
Mi 6 sagitRedmi S2/Y2 yslRedmi 5 rosy
Mi 2S ariesRedmi Pro omegaMi Mix 3 perseus
MI Pad 2 latteRedmi Note 4 midoMi 8 dipper
Mi Pad 1 mochaRedmi Note 4X santoniMi |Max 3 nitrogen
Xiaomi 1S armaniMi Note 3 jasonMi 4W cancro
Mi 5 geminiRedmi Note 2 hermesRedmi Note 1S gucci
Mi 4S aquaMi Note virgoMi Mix lithium
Mi Max 2 oxygenMi Mix 2S polarisXiaomi XM-E1S

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Redmi All Firmware Stock Rom Flash file Eng Firmware

Redmi 8 Explorer ursa  Mi 9 SE grus Mi 9 cepheus 
Redmi Go tiarePoco M2 shivaPoco M3 citrus
Redmi 7 oncliteMi 10T Lite gauguinPoco X3 NFC surya
Redmi 7a pinaMi 10i India gauguinRedmi Note 8 Pro begonia
Redmi Mi Max hydrogenRedmi Note 9 Pro gsuguinRedmi 6X wayne
Redmi Y3 oncRedmi 8A Pro olivewoodRedmi K30S Ultra apollo
Redmi Note 8Pro begoniaRedmi 8A olivewoodMi 10T apollo
Redmi Note 8 ginkgoMi 10 Ultra casMi 10T Pro apollo
Mi A3 laurelRedmi K30 Pro lmiRedmi Note 9T cannon
Redmi Note 6 Pro tulipPoco F2 Pro lmiRedmi Note 9 cannon
Mi 9 Pro cruxRedmi K30 PicassoRedmi  Note 9 merlin
Redmi K30 phoenixRedmi K30i picassoRedmi  10X China merlin
Redmi CC9 pyxisRedmi 10X Pro bombRedmi Note 9 Pro curtana 
Mi 9 lite pyxisRedmi 10 Lite Zoom vangoghRedmi Note 9S curtana
Redmi K20 Pro raphaelRedmi Note 10 lite tocoRedmi Note 9T cannong
Redmi 9T Pro raphaelPoco X2 phoenixinRedmi Mi Mix Fold cetus
Redmi 8 oliveRedmi 3 China idoMi 11 venus
Redmi Note 8T willowRedmi  3/3 Pro idoMi Note 10 tucana
Mi 5C meriMi Pad 4Mi Note 10 Pro tucana
Mi Pad 3 cappuMi Pad 4 Plus cloverMi CC9E laurus
Redmi All Firmware Stock Rom Flash file Eng Firmware

Redmi Note 10 mojito  Redmi K40 China aliothMi 11X India alioth
Redmi Black Shark 2 Redmi K30S Ultra apolloPoco F3 alioth
Mi 11 Lite courbetMi 10T Pro apolloMi A2 Lite daisy
Redmi Note 8 bilobsMi 10T apolloRedmi 10 Prime selene
Mi 10S china thymeMi 10 umiMi Mix 3 andromeda
Xiaomi Civi monaMi A2 jasmineMi MIX 4 China odin
Mi 11 Pro / Ultra starMi 9T davinciRedmi 8a olivelite
Mi 11 UltraRedmi K20 davinciRedmi Note 10Pro/Pro-Max 
Xiaomi 11 Lite lisaRedmi Note 10S rosemaryMi 11X Pro India
Mi 11 Lite renoirPoco M3 Pro camelliaRedmi K40-Pro / Pro Plus 
Redmi Note 11 seleneRedmi Note 10T camelliaMi 11i EEA haydn
Redmi 10 seleneXiaomi Pad 5 pro enumaRedmi Note 5
Redmi 9T limePoco X3 Pro vayuRedmi Note 5 Pro whyred
Redmi  Note 9 China limeRedmi 9 Power lime  Redmi Note 11 Pro+ pissarro
Poco M2 ShivaRedmi 11TRedmi 9AT dandelion
Redmi Note 9T cannonRedmi 10 seleneRedmi 9A dandelion
Redmi Note 9 cannonRedmi Mi 11iRedmi 9 lancelot
Redmi 10X merlinRedmi Note 11 ProRedmi 6A cactus
Redmi Note 9 merlinRedmi 9C angelicaRedmi 6 ceresus
Redmi Note 9T Redmi 9i dandelionRedmi 10X Pro China