Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Firmware Stock Rom Flashing Updating - IMEI Repair

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All binary Latest Firmware Stock Rom Flash File of Motorola G31 XT2173-3 will be found on this page. By which the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 can be restored to the official firmware Operating System. You will find these files useful. If your Motorola G31 XT2173-3 software has crashed or you have installed a custom ROM in your Motorola G31 XT2173-3 device. And want to come again in the official stock ROM.

Note The easiest method is to install the Stock Rom Motorola G31 XT2173-3 to Flash with Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool.

If you Flash Motorola G31 XT2173-3 from the factory firmware image then after Flashing Motorola G31 XT2173-3 must follow the guideline.

All these files are specially for Motorola G31 XT2173-3. They may not be disassembled, decompiled, reverse-engineered, or distributed by modification.

Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Firmware Flash Files
how to Flash Motorola G31 XT2173-3 firmware install
On this page, You can download Motorola G31 XT2173-3 firmware stock Rom Flash files from the firmware that helps to repair Motorola G31 XT2173-3 operating software, the firmware will recover.

Flashing the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 involves using the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Tool and Motorola G31 XT2173-3 USB Driver. Here is a general guide using the Flash Tool. But remember this guide is provided according to the software version of your Motorola G31 XT2173-3. And maybe the procedure for the upcoming update is different.


Before installing the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Tool on the computer, download the latest version from the official website.

    Flashing Steps Motorola G31 XT2173-3

    1. Enable Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Developer Options:

  • - Open "Settings."
  • - Scroll down to "About phone."
  • - Tap on "Build" three times to enable Developer Options.
  • 2. Enable Motorola G31 XT2173-3 OEM Unlock:

  • In the Developer Options, enable "Oem Unlock."
  • 3. Extract and install Motorola G31 XT2173-3 USB Deriver Flash Tool:

  • Extract the downloaded firmware and Flash Tool files to a location on your computer.
  • Connect the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 to the computer in Fastboot Mode with the help of the USB data cable.
  • Install Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Flash tool and USB Drivers.
  • Run the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 Flash tool:
  • 4. Flash the Factory Image:

  • Launch Motorola G31 XT2173-3 RSD Flash Tool:
  • select the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 firmware XML file, and Click on start
  • Wait for the process to complete; this may take some time.
  • 6. Reboot Disconnect Motorola G31 XT2173-3:

  • Disconnect from the PC and reboot Motorola G31 XT2173-3
  • Open the Rescue Smart Assistant RSA Tool.
  • Now select Rescue.
  • Select Sign in or Sign Up here, if you don't have a Lenovo account, click Sign Up to create a new account.
  • After logging into the account, click on Rescue Now.
  • Now the Rescue Smart Assistant RSA Tool will ask you to connect the Motorola G31 XT2173-3.
  • Power off the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 and connect the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 to the computer by pressing the volume down button of the Motorola G31 XT2173-3. The Motorola G31 XT2173-3 will go into Fastboot Mode.
  • Click on download in the tool.
    Note: Make sure that the files that the tool is going to download are compatible with the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 model.
  • When the files are downloaded, click on the cross icon. When the files are completely downloaded, the Rescue Now button will be visible.
  • Now click on Rescue Now.
  • Now click on Proceed.
  • Now the rescue and repairing process will start on the tool. And this process will go on for some time.

In case of any kind of problem, you can ask us in the comment section of our videos. Or if you have made a mistake during the Flashing and you want to recover the Motorola G31 XT2173-3 software, then you should search your Motorola G31 XT2173-3 model on this website and follow the repair method.

Version download
G31_XT2173-3_EURO_1_COFUD_G_S3RWD32.123-29-8_RSD Link
Rescue and Smart Assistant RSA Link
RSD Lite v6.2.4 Tool Link

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