Zte Quartz ZW10 Smartwatch - Firmware Flash File - Update Flashing Guide Unlock Bootlouder Software Repair

Regarding repairing the software of the ZTE Quartz ZW10. The ZTE Quartz ZW10 has hung. The ZTE Quartz ZW10 software has crashed. How is ZTE Quartz ZW1

Purpose of this page. Regarding repairing the software of the ZTE Quartz ZW10. The ZTE Quartz ZW10 has hung. The ZTE Quartz ZW10 software has crashed. How is ZTE Quartz ZW10 software repaired? How to install rom on ZTE Quartz ZW10. Download the ZTE Quartz ZW10 Twrp files. The ZTE Quartz ZW10 is showing on the Qualcomm Port computer. Or the ZTE Quartz ZW10 has been hung on the company logo. The only answer to all these questions is to flash the software of your ZTE Quartz ZW10. This page will provide all the information related to flashing the ZTE Quartz ZW10

Important instruction.
Before flashing the ZTE Quartz ZW10, please make sure the files you are using. Are these files compatible with your ZTE Quartz ZW10 model? Before performing software repair, it is very important that the ZTE Quartz battery is fully charged. And all the drivers should be installed in the computer. Flashing the ZTE Quartz ZW10 will delete all your records and data. Installing any type of wrong model files on the ZTE Quartz ZW10 can dead the watch. For which we will not be responsible. The purpose of this page is to provide education and information.

What Is Stock Rom Firmware.

Whenever we turn on our computer or watch , mobile we get a variety of icons and information on the screen. This automated system inside the device is called software. While each software has a name. Like in computers we see Windows and Mac OS. Similarly, there is a name for mobile software. At the top of the list is Google's Android software. And Apple's iOS. In addition, there are countless software companies in the market. No computerized hardware works without software.

How to flash Update Firmware ZTE Quartz ZW10:

  1. First install ADB Fastboot drivers in computer. 
  2. Extract the ZTE Quartz ZW10 files with the help of 7zip or winrar. 
  3. Copy the two files given below from the ADB Fastboot Tool folder and paste them in the Firmware folder.
    AdbWinApi.dll and AdbWinUsbApi.dll. 
  4. Power off the ZTE Quartz ZW10 completely. 
  5. Turn on the ZTE Quartz ZW10 , but after turning on, press and hold the Menu button until the Fastboot menu appears on the watch screen. 
  6. Connect the ZTE Quartz ZW10 to the computer. 
  7. Open the main folder of ADB Fastboot in the computer. Press the Shift key on the computer keyboard and right click on an empty space in the ADB Fastboot folder. And click on Open command window here option. Now ADB Fastboot CMD Tool will open. 
  8. Type the command in CMD.
    fastboot oem unlock and press Enter. 
  9. Two options will appear on the ZTE Quartz screen. In which you will be asked if you want to Unlock Bootloader. So you have to press the menu button of the ZTE Quartz once and select Yes. And then press and hold the menu button of the ZTE Quartz for 3 seconds. 
  10. Now the bootloader of the ZTE Quartz ZW10 will be unlocked. 
  11. Connect the ZTE Quartz to the computer again in Fastboot mode.
  12. Open the Firmware folder in the computer. Click on fastboot_googleimage and open it. 
  13. The installation of firmware will start in the ZTE Quartz ZW10.

Do not disconnect the ZTE Quartz ZW10 from the computer during software installation. Use of original cable. Confirm that the file you are installing is compatible with your device model.

Files Downlowd Section:

P890W01V1.0.0B02 Factory images
For Dead Boot Repair Using Qfil 
( Don,t use this files just for developers only )
Fastboot Mode Flashing Rom
NWD1.170831.001 Factory fastboot images ( Latest )
NXH20F Factory fastboot images
Officel TWRP Recovery For ZTE ZW10
Adb Fastboot Minimel Tool 
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