Insurance Definition Life Insurance Top Policies ( Best Health Insurance Companies of octubar 2022 )

Insurance Definition Life Insurance Top Policies ( Best Health Insurance Companies of octubar 2022 ) best copny in 2022 in usa americaWhat is insuranc

Fact of Insurance:

An agreement between the insurance company and the insured in which the insured requires the insurance company to indemnify the insurance company in case of damage to his or someone else's property such as a ship, vehicle, house, etc.  Take the responsibility of paying ransom.  And if life insurance or similar is done, the company is liable to pay a certain amount.  This compensation will be given only if any harmful accident occurs during a specified period.  In return for this liability, the insured pays the company a fixed amount during this time. And all this is accepted by the company.

What is insurance and what is its reality?

The dictionary meaning of insurance is assurance.  Because the insurance company assures the policyholder of protection against certain future risks and compensation for certain losses.  That is why it is called an insurance company.  This is a matter between the insurance claimant and the insurance company.  And it takes the form of an insurance company in which many investors participate.  Similarly, there are commercial companies.  It collects a certain amount in installments from the insurance seeker.  And that money returns to him or his descendants according to the conditions.  Along with this, a fixed rate gives some additional money along with the principal amount as a percentage.  That's what they call a bonus.  The objective of the insurance company is to collect this money to lend it to other people to earn a high rate of interest or to invest in a business.  Or buy a property and earn profit from it.  And out of the same profit share is given to the insured.

There are three types of insurance.

Life Insurance Property Insurance Liability insurance. First of all we will share with you some important information about life insurance. The form of life insurance is that the insurance company examines the insured person through their personal doctor.  And after looking at the physical and health condition of the insurance claimant, the doctor estimates how many years the insurance claimant can live if no calamity occurs.  For example, if the doctor writes in his report that the insurance student can live for twenty years.  So the insurance company insures the required person for 20 years on the doctor's report.  This means that an amount is fixed between the company and the insured.  The insured pays the insurance company in installments and when he pays the entire amount within a specified period, the insurance is complete.  And after the insurance is completed, the insurance company pays the insured a lump sum of all the accumulated amount along with some additional bonus.  If the insured dies before paying the full amount and installments.  Which was estimated by the company's doctors.  So the company in the survivorship of the person whom it may nominate or as the insured nominates in his will.  The company pays the nominated person the lump sum amount and some bonus along with it.  Life insurance is whole body insurance.  But in the present era, the custom of insurance of different parts of the body has also increased.  For example, the insurance of the hands is the insurance of the legs or the insurance of the head.  It takes the same form as mentioned above with respect to life insurance.

Property insurance.

The practice of building, factory, motor ship and everything insurance has become very common now.  Its shape would have been the same as what we mentioned above.  That is, the insured pays an amount in installments for a specified period.  And the insurance company returns that amount with some extra amount after a certain period of time.  And if any kind of accident happens to the property before the specified period of insurance.  For example, a factory was insured and a fire broke out in the factory.  So the insurance company will compensate this loss.  And will pay some additional amount along with the original amount to the insured person.

Liability insurance.

In this policy, you can get insurance for child's education, marriage or other important responsibilities.  For example, you are earning all your life for your children's wedding expenses.  But you are afraid that you will die before time.  So you can give this responsibility to the insurance company.  The modes of payment and receipt of money are the same as we have mentioned above

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