Huawei Y9A FRL-L22 OemInfo File. FRL-L22 Huawei Account Bypass. FRL-L22 Huawei Id Forget Solved

FRL-L22 Da File. FRL-L22 OemInfo File. FRL-L22 Huawei Account Bypass. FRL-L22 Huawei Id Forget Solved.

Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) Oeminfo Free File Imei Repair Huawei Account Remove File Network Keybourd Fix Today, for the first time in the world, I will tell you in this Video. How to remove Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) Account lock . Completely free and will provide all files for free. If the Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) is null imei due to incorrect flashing of a clumsy shopkeeper or the Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) is lock by huawei account or the Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) keybourd hanging then you have come to the right place. Until now, Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) software and unlocking was considered to be very difficult for which expensive devices and online payment were required, but today I will tell you the solution to all the problems of Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22)

  • What is Needed to Write Cert File in Huawei SmartPhone?
  • Computer
  • Boxes or Dongles Like Octoplus,Sigma,HCU,Or Chimera
  • Orignal USB Cable

How To Huawei Y9a (FRL-L22) Huawei Acoount Remove With CM2 MT2 Tool

  1. Opan CM2 MT2 Tool Enable Custom Da Setting Loud Da Auth File Loud Preloader File Now Click On Extra Memory Tool Click On init Device.
  2. Short Test Point With GND And Connect it With USB Cable On CM2 Memory Tool Will Show FRL-L22 Partition
  3. Right Click On Oeminfo Partion Click On Read after Read Oeminfo File save The file on Your PC
  4. Disconnect FRL-L22 From Pc lick on init Device Now connect again through the FRL-L22 test point in the above manner On Memory Tool Check Oeminfo Partition Right Click On Oeminfo Partition Select Wipe Selected
  5. Disconnect FRL-L22 Form Pc Insert Battery Power On There on Boot logo wait 2 to 3 minutes Now Bypass Setup Screen after Setup Completed Now there On FRL-L22 No Keyboard Imei Null Problem
  6. For Keyboard And Imei Repair Again Opan CM2 MT2 Tool Click on Memory Tool init Device Connect FRL-L22 Using Test Point Method On Partion Manger Double Click On Oeminfo Partition Select Write Selected Now Loud Oeminfo File
  7. Click Start After Wirte Complete Just Disconnect FRL-L22 From Pc

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