Samsung A12 A125f Unknown Baseband Null IMEI Repair With Free Files & Tool

a125f u2 imei repair z3x, A125F Unkown Baseband Repair Free File, How To Solved A125f Imei Null Problam A125F U5 U4 U3 U2 Imei Repair

how To fix A125f Unkown baseband. how to repair samsung a12 Modem File. How to Fix Samsung A12 Null Imei How To Solved Samsung Network Problam. Samsung A125f After Repair Imei Unkown Baseband Slution With Free Mediateck Flash tool Becareful About Flashing Repairing OS Software. Do not disconnect the Mobile from the computer during software installation. The battery of the device should be 50% charged. Use of original cable. Confirm that the file you are installing is compatible with your device model. All of your data will be deleted during software installation or in case of software update.

  • What is Needed to Unknown Baseband A125F?
  • Computer
  • Disassemble Samsung A12
  • Orignal USB Cable
  • A125F Scatter Files Mediateck Flash Tool

How Repair Samsung A12 (A125F) Unknown Baseband Null IMEI Fix

  1. First Downlowd A125F Baseband Fix File Install MTK Derivers.
  2. Open MTK Auth Bypass Tool in Computer. And click on Disable Auth
  3. Remove A125F Battery Short TestPoint With GND Point And Connect the A125F to the Computer
  4. Open the SP Flash Tool. Load mobile DA files and Scatters files. Go to Connection by clicking on Option in Flash Tool. Click on UART. In COM PORT, Select the port on which Mobile Connect is located. Selact But rate high
  5. Go to the Format section of the Flash tool. And click on Manual Format Flash
  6. Type 0xfc00000 code in Begin Address and 0x400000 code in Format Length
  7. Click Start. The NVDETA partition of the mobile will now be formatted
  8. Now repeat the process from start to finish and format the NVRAM partition. To format the NVRAM partition, Enter the code 0x1800000 in the Begin Address and the code 0x4000000 in the Format Length
  9. After Disconnect Root Your Samsung Phone And Repair IMEI By Z3X or Chimera Box.

Downlowd Files:

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